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The Journey Home Video Series – Lectures by Lee Carroll


Thank you for purchasing the full story of KRYON BOOK FIVE, The Journey Home, as told by Lee Carroll. This Video Series consists of four sections. The first part is FREE! (just click above to watch it). You may access the other three sections by clicking on the links below.

Enjoy the lectures and participate in this great and profound story of Michael Thomas and The Seven Angels!


The Journey Home Part 2

The Journey Home Part 3

The Journey Home Part 4



These are PAID video products, and in order to view them legally, you should have purchased them at the KRYON website.

You have been granted access to play these lectures again and again for up to 60 days, and then your time for viewing will expire. We have given these products to you for a good price, and made it so if you are interrupted or wish to view them again, you can. Invite friends over for a viewing! But please return this favor by honoring the integrity of the purchase, and do not give your access information to anyone else.

Blessings to you! – Lee Carroll

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